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How It Works

1- Text/Message us what products you have for sale (take photos)

2- We will quote you a cash price and confirm a meeting time/place

3- Meet us at your pickup spot and GET PAID!

Text 469-677-8900 to get started today!

Pickup Zones

Zone 1- North Dallas (North of 635), Richardson, Carrolton etc

Pickups on Monday and Wednesday mornings

Zone 2- Dallas (South of 635) to Downtown, Garland area

Pickups on Monday and Wednesday afternoons

Zone 3- South Dallas, Mesquite and surrounding suburbs

Pickups on Tuesday and Thursday mornings + Friday

Zone 4- Irving, GP, and Arlington

Pickups on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons

Saturday Mornings last minute pickups $200 minimum product*

Brands We Buy

in alphabetical order...

Test Strips

Must be 9+ months from expiration for full payout

  • Accu Check Aviva Plus 100 ct Retail

  • Accu Check Smartview 100 ct Retail

  • Contour 100 ct Retail

  • Freestyle Lite 100 ct Retail

  • Freestyle Lite 50 ct Retail

  • One Touch Ultra 100 ct Retail

  • One Touch Ultra 50 ct Retail

CGM Supplies

  • Contour Next Link 2.4 (sealed)

  • Dexcom G7 Sensor STP AT 011 (7 mo + expiration)

  • Dexcom G7 Sensor STP AT 012 (7 mo + expiration)

  • Dexcom G7 Receiver (No expiration date)

  • Dexcom G6 Sensors STS OE 003 (7 mo +)

  • Dexcom G6 Sensors STS OR 003 (7 mo +)

  • Dexcom G6 Sensors STS OM 003 Orange Label

  • Dexcom G6 1 Count Boxed (7 mo +)

  • Dexcom G6 Transmitter STT OE 022 (7 mo+)

  • Dexcom G6 Transmitter STT OR 001 (7 mo+)

  • Medtronic Guardian 7040A

  • Mio Advance MMT-242 (12 mo+)

  • Omnipod 10pk (No Dash) (10+ mo)

  • Omnipod Dash 5 pk (7+ mo)

  • Omnipod 5 5pk (7+ mo)


Boxes MUST be in Mint Condition and at least 11 months from expiration

  • Wegovy

  • Humira 9902/5402 (12+ mo)

  • Enbrel Sureclick

  • Stalera 90 mg

  • Tremfya

  • Skyrizi

  • Ozempic

  • Mounjaro

  • Trulicity .75

  • Trulicity 3.0

  • Trulicity 4.5

  • Bydureon/Becise

  • Saxenda

  • Soliqua Pen 100/33 5/pack

Pricing changes monthly. You can check out our current price list HERE

"DFW Mobile Med Supply provided excellent service and fair prices for my diabetic supplies."

Customer Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I remove pharmacy labels?

NO. Please do not remove the label. You may mark over your personal information with a soft black magic marker if you’d like, making sure NOT to mark on the box.

Do you accept boxes obtained through Medicare or Medicaid?

Sorry, we are unable to accept any boxes that have been obtained through Medicare or Medicaid. These are clearly marked “for use by Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries Only”,

Do you have an expiration date policy?

Yes. Full price payout is eligible for strips with an expiration date of 9 months out or later. Strips sold to us with an expiration date between 7-8 months out are paid out at a discounted rate.

What brands do you accept and how much do you pay?

You can view our list of products we accept and their pricing.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of boxes that you will buy?

Yes, there is a $100 minimum to schedule a pickup. No maximum.

Do you accept damaged boxes?

Sometimes. Reach out to us by text or Facebook messenger with pictures of the damaged items you have.

Is it legal to sell my extra diabetic testing supplies?

Yes, you can sell your diabetic test strips if you are the legal owner of them. Anyone can buy test strips, even without a prescription, so as long as you buy the test strips yourself, or receive them legally through an insurance company, you are free to sell them. Diabetic test strips obtained through Medicare or Medicaid are clearly marked “for use by Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries Only”, therefore, they cannot be sold.

Why don’t you accept opened boxes? The Test Strips are still intact in the plastic tubes.

Although you may have not compromised the number of test strips within the tubes or damaged them, we have no way to verify that they haven’t been tampered with and therefore cannot accept them.

How do I determine how many months until my test strips expire?

Count the current month as "0" and the next month as "1" and so forth. For example, if the current month is September (month "0"), then if your strips expired in eight months, they would expire in May (month "8"). (The diabetic test strips you sell us must have a minimum expiration date of at least nine (9) months for full payout.)

Ready to Get Paid?

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We are a Dallas-based mobile medical supply company. We buy back diabetic testing equipment from locals and get them in to the hands of people in need.

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